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So, I wanted to teach myself to knit, again. Crocheting comes naturally, knitting I have to relearn if I leave it dormant for very long. I had another project that I wanted to do, but I needed to get my knitting skills back up to par. So I dug out my sampler pattern, and did many, many squares. It went very well, but of course, gauge was a problem. Instead of each square being about one foot square, they're more like 18 or 20 inches square. Oh, well. It was fun. It was much larger than I expected, and here it is with Nuit instead of Ninja:

Here are a couple of pictures that give a better impression of some of the actual knit-work. I really, really like cables, by the way. They're fun.

This is a practice piece, and I'm keeping it. In the first place, the roughness of my technique really shows in some places, and in the second place, it fits all right on my king size bed, so that's a plus.
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So, I haven't actually stopped making afghans, but my photographer has been a bit behind times, so here are some catch up posts.

This one was made for Barb Jensen, for whom I don't happen to have an email address. If someone would shoot me her email address, I would let her know that it's finally done. I think I promised it almost a year ago. There were...complications.

The hexagons will not lay flat. I've tried everything. I finally just put the damn thing together, and hoped that it would flatten in the dryer. It did, a bit, but not as much as I was hoping. It's also smaller than I had been hoping, more of a lap-robe size than a blanket size. And it has, like 181 pieces, and that's a fuck-ton of sewing. So, while I rather like the colors, and it has its charms, man am I never doing this pattern again.

Of note, the pattern was not properly copy-edited, and so they neglected to tell me what order the colors should be laid out in. So, I had to invent my own layout. It doesn't look quite as random as I was hoping, but it's not too bad.

Here it is in all it's glory:

And here is the obligatory Afghan with Ninja"

And here is a closeup of some of the motifs:

Hey, Barb, your afghan is done!


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